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Four professionnel boulanger

Working hard for bakery professionals:

Total support for your business

In addition to providing a powerful, high-quality oven, Le Panyol is on hand to provide support before, during and after installation.  We offer the services you need:

  • Helping you set up your business plan
  • Calculating your break-even point, using your personal data
  • Helping you present a financing plan to the bank
  • Advising you about the different sales models available in the industry
  • Providing advice and support on how to run your oven
  • Providing a user guide, advice on how to heat your oven, the wood to use, maintenance, etc.
  • Putting you in touch with our client ambassadors
  • Helping you with a feasibility study for your project
  • Putting you in touch with our partners for smoke extraction ducts
  • Equipment maintenance
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